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We care about the health and fitness of youth.

“My name is Reneika Allen.”

Hi I am Reneika Allen and I have been working with children since 2005 starting in my hometown Atlanta, GA where I was born and raised. I currently live in Orlando, FL. It all started in after school programs then at church. I’m also a Team Beachbody coach certified in the dance program called CIZE by fitness trainer Shaun T and have my ministry license in dance from the Eagles International Children’s Youth and Teens online course based out of Dallas, TX in 2019.

Once achieving those goals I decide that it was time to focus on the youth health and fitness. My vision is for all children to live healthy fulfilling lives by teaching them how to do so in a fun way. They are our future and their health and fitness is important to us here at CA.R.E Fitness. I would love to work with you and your children. Please contact me at carefitness50@gmail.com for more information or feel free to view this page.